Who is nancy lieberman dating

As a female coach in what is perceived as a man’s world, I feel unique, but no different than my colleagues in the way of the expected outcome. Many of the guys in college or the NBA have had strong, dominant women in their life, so many of these guys are used to taking advice and direction from women.

Donnie’s career had taken a huge leap, as he had just purchased the Development League team the Texas Legends, the affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks.Until this week, they all had one thing in common: they were men. Women have a special way of communicating to players.We can help disseminate the message of the organization’s philosophy to the players, and we can deliver the message of the head coach in a different tone, a different soundtrack.But if there is one woman who can truly take the crown for being a pioneer in women’s sports, it has to be Nancy Lieberman.She has raised the bar for women all over the world and redefined what it is to be a sports women, a coach and a leader.

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