Validating radio buttons with javascript

Notice that we added a "return" keyword in front of the trigger.

The "return" statement sets the onsubmit function to true or false.

This lesson explains some ways that Java Script is useful when using forms in your web pages and how to handle events and validations before submitting the form data back to your server-side scripts. An HTML form is any text box, check box, or radio button that takes input from a user.

HTML comes with several form input types that you can use without creating your own input options.

HTML forms are the objects used to take template information from a user.

For instance, if you work with customers, you need a customer's first and last name, address, and zip code.

We obtain a reference to the group of radio buttons using the name of the group, and then iterate over all the radio button objects to test which one of them is checked.

Again, we use the get Element By Id method to get the form input text box and evaluate if the user entered a value.

For instance, the address input box might be required, but you have a second address input box for apartments or suite numbers.

You'd put an asterisk next to the first address field but not the second.

Let us look at the HTML code showing two check boxes: See the demo The textarea for ‘work permit’ gets disabled if ‘No’ is chosen for ‘Willing to work abroad ?

’ and vis-versa We write on Click event handler for each of the options.

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