Scarlett dating history

She tells me that she already knows five languages. “No, she’s too old now” says Scarlett, “and anyway, she’s lived in Portsmouth nearly all her life.” Scarlett’s grandparents were only together long enough to produce a son, probably one of the only Scottish-Laotians in the world.

They called him Bill, which is usually short for “William”, but his name was just “Bill”.

Sure, there are the famous exes everyone knows like Ryan Reynolds, but did you know she also dated Lena Dunham's future BF Jack Antonoff (above)? CLICK HERE to view "Scarlett Johansson's Relationship History!

" CLICK HERE to view "Scarlett Johansson's Relationship History!

Johansson, daughter of an architect and a producer, was raised in New York City.

She and her twin brother, Hunter, were the youngest of four siblings.

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She tells me that she’s worried about learning French, and I tell her not to worry, that it isn’t a very difficult language. Nobody really knows how this woman had ended up in Portsmouth, but she still lives there, and I tell Scarlett that she should try and find out her grandmother’s story."Scarlett is more into personality than anything when it comes to men. "She seems really into Colin."In June, Jost told E!News, "I'm very happy with my personal life."Recently, Johansson has told more of her co-stars and friends about her relationship with Jost.She developed an interest in acting at a young age, auditioning for commercials by age seven.Soon after, she enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and later attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan to further hone her craft.

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