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The above topographic map of Hørsholm and the surrounding area has been derived from satellite mapping.

The topographic data has been illuminated by a light source corresponding to the position of the sun at mid afternoon in summer.

The distance to Sweden from the coast at Hørsholm is ca. Wealthy households are attracted to Hørsholm by its comparatively low income tax rate, proximity to forests and the sea.

Moreover, the commuting distance to central Copenhagen remains reasonably short.

There were 9 men, 5 of them over the age of 50, and 8 women: 2 died before the age of 20, 3 living to over 40. Reasons for these high death rates could be physiological or cultural.

Two women died in childbirth (including the young woman mention above) and were buried with their newborns beside them. The cemetery is located in the northern part of the Maglemosen peat bog, and was discovered in 1975 during excavation for the new Vedbæk School.

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Watch pictures and fly-over video at landowner's website. She was born on the estate in 1885, and returned there after her years in Kenya, chronicled in her book Out of Africa, to do most of her writings. More reading: Wikipedia Article Vedbæk is a small town in the municipality of Rudersdal, Denmark.An example of the findings of this culture cemetery include the bodies of a young woman with a necklace made of teeth, and her newborn baby.The child is cradled in the wing of a swan with a flint knife at its hip.Major roads, railways rivers and other water features are derived from global GIS data.The Hørsholm Rotary Club is offering scholarships from their Nordic Foundation to students with personal or family membership of the Rotary Club, who seek funding for studies abroad in Scandinavian countries.

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