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It is purely vocal and acoustic and was reportedly created within a day, as a reaction to encountering "MLP haters" on the internet.A more fully orchestrated version was released two months later, with Mando Brony's vocals accompanied by the British duo Acoustic Brony.

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Mando Pony later confirmed that his mandolin part was cut along with William Anderson's work when the music production shifted entirely to Ingram and Andrews.

In November 17, 2011, Mando Pony posted the "demo" of a new song on his You Tube channel.

He was one of several brony musicians mentioned specifically by the Friendship is Magic's primary song composer Daniel Ingram during a Skype interview at Bro NYcon 2012.

He was a guest host for an Everfree Radio interview with show composer William Anderson, who complimented him on his work.

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