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    Only when i reading the webtoon I can make an conclusion of Jung character. Don't know why when I remember the last episode with sad ending,it's break my heart and makes my tear drops T. I already watching so many K Drama but this drama has torn my heart apart. And for In Ho and Hong Seol, i really wish a happy ending for them not in a lover state, but in term of their aspiration and glad finally their made it (Seol for having a good job and In Ho as Well Known Pianist). For me, it was really innapropriate for director to cut Yoo Jung's scene.. there's a rumor that this will have a continuation? anyway, it's almost 2 years since it was aired but i'm still watching it! The hardships portrayed by the characters makes us to want them to had a better ending especially the twins and seol, i can't say im happy with the ending, I've watched a lot of series with this like of endings, but rarely i get this heavy vibes with which this series gives me. I had resisted watching this for a long time due to the infamous "ending" or non ending, to be more precise.

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