Gridview rowupdating event handler

When the the initial data source is dropped and a new data source is created (based on a parameter that is passed in from the drop-down list) and bound to the Grid View control. Second page Gridview displays the set of rows for the datakey thats passed from the previous page (first page). First page contains the Grid View that list all the customer.

The Grid View displays this new, dynamic data source properly. When I click on the Customer all details pertaining to the customer will be displayed on the new page.

Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 199 Below is the source code for the Grid View.

For better clarity let me provide the datastructure Customer Request Customer Response - Signature on the BAL is Customer Response Get Cusotmer Details( Customer Request request) Above will result in the customer details being displayed on the second page Grid View ( ie response) .

However, the Row Editing event handler doesn't exist in the code-behind. Data Bind(); This is the partial stack trace - after the postback:[Http Exception (0x80004005): The Grid View ' Grid View1' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled.] System. Now, Im trying to edit./update the value of the customer details.

How do I re-create the row editing & updating event handlers in the code behind - to handle these events when they are fired after the new data source is dynamically created and bound to the control? New update query to BAL involves usage of Datakey that is passed from the first page, Selected row value that is passed from the current page.

If it's a classical event handler for a known listbox such as: List Box LB = new List Box ();. Event Args e) But here, when i filled the placeholder with listboxes i did it asfollowes: Place Holder PH = new Place Holder ...

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When the selected item in the drop down list is changed, I need to be able to change the displayed information in the user controls.

2005 & Grid View & Hyper Link Field & click event Gang: I am trying to click on a HLF in a GV; however, I am unable to capture the declaration/click event.

If I throw a test button on the page, the code behind for that click event fires off the code.

The page is render correctly but when I click the submit buttom, the event handler method is not being called.

Code: The 'table' is then added to the Place Holder.

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