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It's an especially canny move for Amazon because longtime Netflix customers had their .99 subscriptions bumped up to .99 in 2016; top-tier plans got a price hike this year, too. Crackle, for example, is still a reliable spot to find a movie or TV show to watch, particularly since rival services.There are also niche options, like these anime-streaming sites.Each channel also displays the bit rate of its stream allowing the user to gain an idea of the quality before making a selection.Free Live TV is a great way to watch virtually any channel you desire without the need to pay a regular subscription.

As well as TV channels you can use the programme to listen to worldwide radio stations too.

Amazon has about 40,000 titles to stream, but only a fraction of those are included with Prime streaming.

Look for the "Prime" banner atop selections that stream for free.

In 2015, Amazon also launched the Streaming Partners Program, which lets you add networks like Showtime and Starz to your Prime account, sometimes for a slight discount (save per month on Showtime via Amazon vs. Amazon Video does not work with Google's Chromecast, but it's available on Roku, as well as Amazon's own Fire TV devices, smart TVs, and more.

At WWDC, Apple announced it will soon arrive on Apple TV, too.

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