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The Borderline's inability to forge a trusting bond with Mother from infancy onward, derails her capacity to trust you (or anyone else).

of betrayals in childhood have deeply fractured a Borderline's core, and psychic trauma from this period cannot help but seriously impact all adult relationship endeavors.

Women who entrap are typically bright, attractive/alluring, highly seductive and charismatic--but their moods are mercurial, and behavior patterns are extremely unstable.

Relationships are characterized by an ongoing series of breakups or periods of distancing, and reunions.

Financially successful men are no way is this issue confined to specific socioeconomic status.

Our legal system does not discriminate, even when your substantial monthly child support payments are going to a female who has; stopped taking her birth control pills, lied to you about where she was in her monthly cycle, told you she's infertile or has never was having sexual relations with other men--but genetic testing revealed that this child was his.

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But inherent in this choice are substantial risks, as regardless of how attached he is to this woman, hell always feel a level of resentment (whether he admits it or not)throughout the course of their relationship.

Parenting ] Hell come to think of her like a drug he cant live without, because he feels alive and buoyant when shes loving, attentive and available, and empty and tortured when shes indifferent, detached or cruel.

It's not uncommon for a female with borderline traits to conceive, in order to speed-up the tempo or pacing of her relationship, and secure a commitment of marriage.

A tough, self-reliant demeanor could initially mask her fragility--but at some point, you may still be compelled to like it has none.

During adolescence or early adulthood, she may have started cutting or burning herself to ease her emotional anguish; numerous body scars, piercings or tattoos are frequently vestiges of a high threshold for, or Are you wondering if a Borderline can be a good mother?

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