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All the while, Olivia remains downstairs, staring at the news in a pill-induced stupor.When Paul's body hits the ground, Nina starts screaming and cursing at Dot.Cuthbert said that playing a victim was hard for her, and that "there were moments when I would go to the bathroom and bawl." Metroactive saw that "the purplish blues (the color that seems to work best in HD) are deeply saturated for such a cost-effective medium, and the color is never milky or streaky.At times, Mullen and Babbit overdo the murk." SFStation argued that Babbit effectively exaggerated the limitations of the budget and using HD video: "the video artifacts, lighting, night-time shooting, and sparse sets end up creating an oneiric, fairy-tale quality that helps to balances out the undercurrent of violence that permeates the characters’ actions." The film was released on DVD on February 13, 2007, with special features including “Fetal Pig, Fetal Pig, Let Me In”, a featurette on the dissection scene, “On Location: Shooting in Austin”, “Sans Celluloid: The Quiet and the Digital Camera", a script development featurette, and cast selection.At this point, Nina questions Dot about pretending to be deaf and mute.

Dot (Camilla Belle) is a young, orphaned, deaf and mute teenager.However, once he discovers tampons in her purse, he realizes that she is lying and is only attempting to obtain the money to get away from home.As Dot begins to play "Moonlight Sonata" downstairs, Paul confronts Nina about her lie.Soon after arriving, Dot discovers an incestuous relationship between Nina and her father, Paul (Martin Donovan).Paul invited Dot to stay in an attempt to control himself, wishing he could end the sexual relationship between him and his daughter. I feel like I can be honest because you can't hear. Look at you, eating your sandwich like a piglet while I talk. When I first met you, I mean when you first moved in, I hated you. But now that I feel like I know you again that's all changed.

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