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I do work at a decent sized company where a lot of people around my age work, I will give her that. Ever since she approached me I feel as though I need to make a presence of some kind. and now because she has invaded it, I feel so anxious.

" He captioned this photo, adding, "When we seek him, we find him and are satisfied.But it is another when you have to see it at your job every day.Now I know she is there, I feel I need to make a presence of some kind.Jordin Sparks has made things officially official with her new man!The 27-year-old—who previously dated Jason Derulo—is dating Dana Isaiah, and while she's posted a couple photos and videos about him before, she took to Instagram yesterday (appropriately on International Kissing Day) to express how #blessed she is to have him in her life, making it clear that they're an item. Other than having beautiful eyes, an amazing body and a heart that adores Sparks, here are 9 things you should know: He's Fitness Junky: He labels himself a "fitness enthusiast," and he even appears to train with Sparks!

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