Allison iraheta and danny gokey dating

Danny Gokey of "American Idol" fame is engaged to girlfriend Leyicet Peralta, with the wedding right around the corner: The two say they're set to walk down the aisle in late January.

The news was announced Sunday on the website for the Sophia's Heart Foundation, the charity the country singer started in memory of his late wife, who died in 2008.

The singer's first wife died just weeks before he auditioned for "Idol," having suffered complications after surgery to repair a congenital heart defect.

Gokey, known for his touching back story and edgy eyeglasses, finished in the top three during "Idol's" Season 8, when Kris Allen won and Adam Lambert was runner-up.

Peralta now works with him on Sophia's Heart projects.

‘s eighth season — or perhaps a discredit to the series’ production team — that almost all of ’em came off better during their Idols Live Tour set in Newark, N. Sunday night than they did during their tenure on Fox’s ratings juggernaut of a reality competition.

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So kudos to Michael for buoyantly working the stage and hitting most of his vocal marks to open the show with Gavin De Graw’s “In Love With a Girl.” That praise aside, though, it might be time for Michael to embrace the country-rock mantle producers seemed to want to hang on him, and give up his dream of R&B stardom.

It seems, however, that fifth-place finisher Matt Giraud failed to get the memo about his role in the show, as he performed his three-song set with all the energy and charisma of a headliner.

Sure, Matt scored immediate dividends by kicking off his set with Otis Redding’s impeccable “Hard to Handle” — a barn burner of a jam he never got to cover on the stage — but he did it with such swamp-funky commitment that even before he set the piano on fire two-thirds of the way into the number, he’d managed to shed any hint of the Justin Timberlake Wannabe Syndrome that plagued his run.

"After dinner, they went to the ballet, and finally Danny took her where they had their first date," Gokey's rep said.

He serenaded her with "You Are So Beautiful," then asked her if she'd marry him.

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